Alaznist (pronounced a-LAZ-nist) was the last Thassilonian Runelord of Wrath who ruled for many years over her realm of Bakrakhan. She is believed to have retreated from view along with the other runelords during Earthfall, and it is unknown whether she survived that cataclysm. She was a specialist in wrath magic, now called evocation, and was said to have been a puissant arcane knight.

As she has been gone for almost 10,000 years, no one can be sure of exactly what she looked like, although statues that have been found depict her as a beautiful, yet enraged human woman with long hair, flowing robes, and wielding a charred adamantine ranseur, on which the skull of the first Runelord of Wrath was impaled. She is said to have been impatient and impulsive, caring little for magical research, and preferred modifying her many troops by magical means such as fleshwarping and alchemy.

Religious Beliefs

Alaznist is said to have been a worshiper of many kinds of demons, who shared her enthusiasm for violence and destruction. Most important to her, however, was the pure veneration of anger and wrath. In order to encourage these traits in her subjects, she built many runewells which could absorb the souls of wrathful mortals in order to further her power and create sinspawn.


Alaznist grew up among the nobility of Xin-Bakrakhan, the capital of Thassilonian Realm of Wrath, and was apprenticed at a young age to her father, a powerful wizard of wrath magic himself. When she outpaced even his extensive knowledge, she turned for guidance to the nascent demon lord Yamasoth. Her father warned her that a pact with such an entity was foolish and dangerous, but greedy for arcane power, she sacrificed him and the rest of her family to the qlippoth lord. With her newfound power she challenged and killed the reigning runelord of wrath, Thybidos, and took his place. In Bakrakhan this method of succession was quite traditional, but Alaznist’s power was such, that she was able to hold off all rivals until Thassilon fell in -5293 AR.

She ruled from her capital of Xin-Bakrakhan, the City of Wrath, which is believed to have been located on what is now the island of Hollow Mountain in the Varisian Gulf.

War with Karzoug

The Runelord of Wrath seems to have directed most of her anger toward her fellow runelord, Karzoug. The two were in a state of perpetual warfare, constantly battling at the border their two realms shared. She constructed the Hellstorm Flumes along this border in order to scorch harassing armies from miles away.9 She is also known to have used runeslave giants as living siege weapons. Alaznist was said to have been on the verge of defeating her rival and conquering Shalast, when her entire realm sank beneath the ocean during Earthfall. Is is thought by some that she escaped his devastation by accessing an otherworldly refuge somewhere in Hollow Mountain.

Alaznist’s Legacy

Little remains of Bakrakhan and Alaznist’s legacy, as most of it lies at the bottom of the Varisian Gulf, but there are a few exceptions. The Irespan, whose eastern end dominates the skyline of the city of Magnimar once stretched across Bakrakhan’s mountains all the way to the capital of Bakrakhan, now known as Hollow Mountain. The face of Alaznist is carved into the side of this honeycombed massif, although time and the elements have scraped away much of her likeness. The dungeons of Hollow Mountain stretch all the way down to the Darklands realm of Gongorina, once the lair of the demon lord Yamasoth itself.

The Hellstorm Flumes were destroyed during Earthfall, although one still partially stands in the village of Sandpoint, where it is simply known as the Old Light. One of her runewells was recently discovered below Sandpoint, still capable of creating sinspawn. It is also thought that Alaznist created reefclaws in order to protect her rivers and other bodies of water, creatures still common along the coasts of Varisia.

Magical Legacy

Although it is said that Alaznist herself was not particularly interested in the creation of magical items or spells, she or her predecessors did manage to create a few that have survived to the present day:
Garvok, the Sword of Wrath
Rift siphon
Rod of Malrion
Rune of Razing
Sacrificial spear
Scepter of Alaznist
The sign of wrath spell

Aliases Runelord of Wrath; Queen of Bakrakhan
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Human (Azlanti)
Class Evoker 20+
Gender Female
Homeland Bakrakhan, Thassilon
Deity Demon worship
Organization Runelords


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